Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Making a mark- Berlin 2015

One year down, one year to go.
It is amazing how much one can grow in 365 days.  Just finished my second Berlin residency for my MFA through Transart Institute.  This residency, made it all real.  I am a real artist, making real art and trying to make a real difference.  I always have identified myself as a painter, to make marks that make sense or not, but to apply a pigment to a substrate.  When I perform that action, is it making a difference?  If I make a mark that I say means something and put confidence into it, is it making a difference?  This is the lesson I have learned, EVERY mark makes a difference.   Not only in the art world but in the world in general.
We as humans have lost the encouragement to make a mark.  We choose instead the instant gratification of posting/reading/writing/talking about it.  Evading the mark, forgetting the doing. When you actually have the intent to make the world a better place, the marks add up to create something wonderful.   We are all human, we are all on the planet together, and we can make a difference. Together.  When will we have confidence in being our own person, and stop conforming to a clique to justify ourselves?  When will we see that the lack of knowledge is the basis of misunderstanding.
My project that I have started here in Berlin, Rooted in RED, is a social project, I am literally painting red ochre pictographs on urban landscapes.  Not to deface property, but to create awareness of how we can achieve a one-ness through color, specifically red ochre.  I had so many doubts and questions that I didn't know where to start.  Then I realized, Rome wasn't built in a day!  So I  made a
'mark' and the more of these 'marks' I make, I realize it does make a difference.  If we all can make a genuine mark in our life,  you leave the world a better place.  When you refuse to do,  you are losing what life is about.  If we were meant to have our own world, we would, but we don't, we share it with billions of people so every negative action you take bring everyone down.  All of us. Every single one of us.
My goal isn't to preach, this isn't religious, or to campaign this isn't politics, my goal is to unite by making one mark at a time.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

loosening affairs

Together Sanja, a fellow Transartist, and I are co-curating a show titled "loose affairs" in Berlin this summer.  We are just getting the submissions in and this is fabulous!  Wonderful submissions and great art to be seen.    Berlin will be another magnificent year and I am looking forward to seeing everyone and seeing what work may turn out from this exceptional art intensive.  There is something amazing about the community in which you surround yourself in, whether it be my artistic community or literally the town I live in, it seeps into your being.  Below is the symbol that I have created for my We are RED series and will be showcased starting in Berlin.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Red Rocks installation

For the final bang of my first year project I wanted to insert my paintings made from red rocks pigment into Red Rocks in Colorado.  With all of the rain, its been hard to sync up mother natures schedule and mine, but today it happened!  I am thrilled with how well the paintings look in the natural environment in which its materials originated.  They fit into the mountain-scape wonderfully!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I am happy to announce that my friend Julia and I just found a studio in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver!  We will be open for our first First Friday in April!  So incredibly excited to be in the center of an excellent artist community in a beautiful city!  Hope to be in by March 1st, come by anytime!!!

MCA Denver visit

With an artist friend, I went to the Mark Mothersbaugh exhibit at the MCA Denver and it was AMAZING!!!  I have been collaging in a minimal graphic way and was inspired by the large color fields and layering of narrative of a great band of modern time, Devo.  He has a sensational ability to master most mediums.

Friday, February 13, 2015


I awoke after a night of rollerskating with an amazingly refreshing feeling.  32 is awesome!  I am one lucky lady to have fabulous friends all over the world send me birthday wishes.  Those wishes collected into a wonderful sense of support and love.  Its been a transition settling into Denver, but every change needs time to let the dust settle, to clearly see what is front of you.  I have an amazing job that keeps me involved in my second love to art, wine, and I create daily in my sweet studio.  Life doesn't get better.  I get to live my dream day by day, and that my friends is a surreal feeling.  I am excited for another year of creating, curating, exhibiting, traveling and spending time in beautiful Colorado.