Wednesday, May 27, 2015

loosening affairs

Together Sanja, a fellow Transartist, and I are co-curating a show titled "loose affairs" in Berlin this summer.  We are just getting the submissions in and this is fabulous!  Wonderful submissions and great art to be seen.    Berlin will be another magnificent year and I am looking forward to seeing everyone and seeing what work may turn out from this exceptional art intensive.  There is something amazing about the community in which you surround yourself in, whether it be my artistic community or literally the town I live in, it seeps into your being.  Below is the symbol that I have created for my We are RED series and will be showcased starting in Berlin.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Red Rocks installation

For the final bang of my first year project I wanted to insert my paintings made from red rocks pigment into Red Rocks in Colorado.  With all of the rain, its been hard to sync up mother natures schedule and mine, but today it happened!  I am thrilled with how well the paintings look in the natural environment in which its materials originated.  They fit into the mountain-scape wonderfully!