Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 40....Goodbye Greece, Hello Italy

Michalis, Maria and Jason took me to the airport after I had a wonderful breakfast with Bill and Betty this moring.  I went into Athens to see the Acropolis today, didn't think I was going to make it but it all worked out!  The wonderful restaurant that I ate my parting meal at (stuffed wine leaves, greek salad bread/tzatziki and a mythos, which I spilled all over my bag) let me keep my bags there as I ventured up to the Parthenon.  AMAZING!  What a way to say goodbye to Greece!  It was an awesome adventure and I am thrilled that I met so many wonderful people that I can add to my tribe! Next stop Italy!  Riomaggiore here I come and Brooke in a week!!!

Day 39...Greece: everything happens for a reason

I am absolutely the luckiest girl in the world to have been in Poros/Galatas for the past 10 days.  Everything happens for a reason, I as fortunate enough to have met some of the most unbelievable people ever.  In 10 days they haven't just became friends, they became family. Spent my last day at Aliki beach:)  My last night in Greece Bill and Betty made me a wonderful dinner with a menu that was freshly slaughtered, dug and cut!  Fresh pork ribs, and potatoes, and of course Greek salad.  The sunset couldn't have been more beautiful and on top of all of that I enjoyed my first glass of Oyza and fireworks!!  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 38...Hydra: island of donkeys

Hydra is an island just south of Poros, about a 30 minute drive and a 30 minute ferry ride to get there.  No cars allowed on the island, transportation is walking and/or a donkey.  Betty, Bill and I caught the 10am ferry and spent the day there.  There is something about Hydra that is so magical that I kept thinking that we were on a movie set.  Once a pirate island and then a ship building island, is now a tourist attraction for people around the world.  The small port allows for all shapes and sizes of boats and is lined with shops and cafes.  Two or three levels up the mountain it becomes a maze of homes and chapels.  We visited a project space called Slaughterhouse which is right on the side of the mountain overlooking the water for artists to come and create, Hydra's historical museum, and the Byzantine chapel that blew my mind.  We enjoyed great food, beer and shopping!  On our way home on the ferry was like a roller coaster!  Huge waves that dumped right on us, and teetered and tottered us around.  Once we were safe on dry land, we came across a herd of sheep that seemed to have been taking a swim.  Ending the night with great pizza and great friends, Michalis, Maria and Jason were at the ground play so we all sat and had a beer!  Cheers!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 37...Dear Red

My thesis project and proposal for graduate school is the study of the color red.  Documenting the color in the country I am in, I paint a red painting a day and journal to the color.  Part of this project is to find natural and/or artificial reds and making them into pigment.  Through my time here in Greece I have 4 different pigments that I made.  Red sandstone, terra cotta, eucalyptus tree bark and native wild red berries.  I went out and found a perfect rock to grind my pigments down with and have them in  jar with water.  They will be washes of color and that is ok.  It was an amazing experience to find my source of pigment AND the tools to grind them with.  It took painting to another level:)  Painting soon to come!!!!

Day 36...painting small: a new way of painting

With my travels, I have been learning to paint small and on paper. (small being 3"x6" and up 8"x11") The challenge at first was overwhelming, but i think I've got it! I have to tell myself that they are studies, small intimate details of my experience.  When I get back to the studio I can take these and make them HUGE!  I can not wait!   Acrylics dry here before I even get them on the paper, it's crazy.  Learning a new way of painting, keeps things fresh and fun!  No pressure:)   Here are a few that I have worked on during my stay in Greece!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 35....Beautiful people

I spent the majority of the morning and afternoon in Poros today.  Shopping, sneaking through the small corridors to adventure higher up in the town.  There is no bad view in Poros, I am certain.  The white wash with the magical pops of color are breathtaking.   I sat at a sweet little cafe and had a 2 hour lunch and visited with the owner and staff, due to I was there only customer at noon.  Indulged in stuffed peppers, a greek beer and of course greek salad:)  Which I now crave daily!  I received a glass of rose and watermelon for dessert on the house!  Michalis told me when we were sailing, that he has traveled the world over and Poros is the most beautiful place he has ever been, not necessarily because of the blue water and unbelievable views but because of the people, beautiful people.   People make a place truly beautiful and I couldn't agree more.  I have witnessed amazing, hardworking people at their finest here in Galatas/Poros.  That in itself has been the best part of my travels thus far. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 33...walking on water

Down the hill from my studio is Poros marine with a beach.  From there you can walk out to Thesues Island, where you are walking on water, it is so shallow.  When the sea is settle you can swim out to the other little island.  Swimming allowed an awesome perspective to the island, Poros and Galatas.  It was an amazing feeling to be able to climb onto the ancient islands filled with Greek mythology and somehow feel a part of it all.    

Day 34...Sailing the Aegan Sea with an octopus

Michalis, Maria & little Jason took me sailing today, to a beautiful cove to snorkel, eat, drink and lay in the sun.  As I was snorkeling, I came across a baby octopus that was gliding across the rocks at the bottom of the sea.  After swimming we ate.  We ate tuna, wine leaves stuffed with rice, an egg dish, bread, greek salad and so much more!  Accompanied with a few Greek beers, it was heaven.  I have been incredible lucky to have awesome landlords thus far in my  journey, but Michalis is going to be hard to beat.  What a beautiful experience:)