Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 37...Dear Red

My thesis project and proposal for graduate school is the study of the color red.  Documenting the color in the country I am in, I paint a red painting a day and journal to the color.  Part of this project is to find natural and/or artificial reds and making them into pigment.  Through my time here in Greece I have 4 different pigments that I made.  Red sandstone, terra cotta, eucalyptus tree bark and native wild red berries.  I went out and found a perfect rock to grind my pigments down with and have them in  jar with water.  They will be washes of color and that is ok.  It was an amazing experience to find my source of pigment AND the tools to grind them with.  It took painting to another level:)  Painting soon to come!!!!

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