Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 32...Lucian Freud's studio and Poros music

I tried to wake up early to see the brilliant red sunrise, but overslept.  Bill and Betty offered to go into town and show me sites, as they have been here for a few months.  Got hooked up with a surfstick, which is the only way I am posting now, and took a water taxi to Poros.  Their friend has a home there which at one point was Lucian Freud's studio.  The more I find out about Poros, the more art-centered it is.  Had a great lunch with wine leave stuffed with rice, greek salad.  Squeezed a few hours of beach time in, finished my book, A Perfect Red.   Betty and I went into town later the evening to enjoy an International piano Academy's concert with a 10 piece orchestra.  Absolutely amazing.  Kids from 7-18 years old playing full pieces by memory, extravagant!  Another amazing day in the books.

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