Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 30....beach, views & olive trees

Michalis took me into Lala Sata to go shopping for groceries and supplies.  Also took me to 2 beaches!  Came back to the apartment was going to unpack and get ready, but I am in Greece and that can wait till its dark.  Went to the beach which is a 4 minute walk from place.  The hill I am on is no joke!  WOWZA!  Spent 3 hours laying the sun, wading  in the beautiful clear Aegan sea and then had some nice conversation with the man working the cafe, he doesn’t normally work there but at a coffee cafe in town.  Came back rinsed off and now headed into town for some early dinner.  I have a feeling that my days will be long and I will be quite tired, due to the sun, by 9pm! ha!  That is ok by me, nice days and sleep like a baby at night!

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