Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 38...Hydra: island of donkeys

Hydra is an island just south of Poros, about a 30 minute drive and a 30 minute ferry ride to get there.  No cars allowed on the island, transportation is walking and/or a donkey.  Betty, Bill and I caught the 10am ferry and spent the day there.  There is something about Hydra that is so magical that I kept thinking that we were on a movie set.  Once a pirate island and then a ship building island, is now a tourist attraction for people around the world.  The small port allows for all shapes and sizes of boats and is lined with shops and cafes.  Two or three levels up the mountain it becomes a maze of homes and chapels.  We visited a project space called Slaughterhouse which is right on the side of the mountain overlooking the water for artists to come and create, Hydra's historical museum, and the Byzantine chapel that blew my mind.  We enjoyed great food, beer and shopping!  On our way home on the ferry was like a roller coaster!  Huge waves that dumped right on us, and teetered and tottered us around.  Once we were safe on dry land, we came across a herd of sheep that seemed to have been taking a swim.  Ending the night with great pizza and great friends, Michalis, Maria and Jason were at the ground play so we all sat and had a beer!  Cheers!

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