Thursday, December 1, 2016

T'was the night before an opening...

I am excited to announce the opening of Lower Level Creative Space!  A space where people can exhibit their work in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado.   Seven weeks ago I had an urge to clean up, white wash and create a space to exhibit work adjacent to my studio space.   The first artist to show their work is Julia Kinne.  A friend and fellow Iowa alumna her work radiates color, pattern, passion and true ambition to find a better you.  Her paintings which include small installations into them compose a garden of visual delight and exude liveliness.   Her work will be up all month and exited to see it daily as I pass through the garden to get to my studio.  

Among Julia being the featured artist, Amy Good, Krystal Moore and myself will always have work exhibited.  The cohesive ability to find good and radiate good in all of our work is prevalent when you enter the space.  Lower level yes, but lofty and filled with passion creates a feeling all of its own.  
It is my hope to continue to build relationships with artists and network with people to create exhibitions that not only give opportunity to an artist, but to enhance the district with a free space that commits to community and artists.  

I am thankful for the ambition and drive to transform this space.  I see a future filled with lots of fun and great art!


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