Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day on the rocks

As I walked down to the marina and looked back at the village, it reminded me of child's drawing. Big blocks of every color with no rhyme or reason, just stacked to be close to one another.  In between these layered colors are paths that are lined with just as colorful flowers and signs directing you on which way to go.  As I continued along the side of the mountain, I found myself drawn to the sea and rocks.  They have such a linear quality to them it was hypnotizing.  I copped a squat on a rock and drew for hours.  I have never done that.  I have never been one to draw unless it was required, but for some reason that is all I wanted to do.  It was this opportunity to capture the moment that was so simple and beautiful that it didn't need much, just some lines to keep it contained.  

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