Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 67...making pigments!

Part of my research and practice for the study of red, is to find my own source for pigments.  In Italy, I was stumped, yes there are lots of red sights, but what can I use to grind down and make a pigment out of?!  When at dinner in Pisa, the owner/waiter gave us a rose.  I pressed it in a book and as I was ready to dry it out, I saw the process this sweet rose going through.  The brilliancy that it has as it dries was magical. It will be a beautiful pigment, but it is right now a beautiful process to watch.  I also have been finalizing the pigments from Greece.  Todays was terra cotta found from the mountain in which I lived.  It's fun to have these intriguing stories to accompany the color!

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