Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 71... Last day in Pisa

Pisa was only suppose to be a day trip which turned into 15 days! Ha!  Everything happens for a reason, and this experience is no exception. I found myself by myself.  I had ZERO distractions and that really allowed for some solid painting time. That is an awesome opportunity that you don't always get.  I know I have stated that before, but sometimes when you are all alone you find yourself an old friend.  You. I have had more conversations with myself (more than usual I should say) than ever before.  I had no no one to say, "Look at this painting, what do you think?"  For the first time I just knew they were what I wanted them to be, with no approval but my own.  So thank you Pisa, for giving me the opportunity to be by myself, to find myself.  Now that I've been alone for so long, I'm ready to talk to everyone!!!!! Tomorrow I leave for Campagnatico, the last leg of my journey in Europe.  Happily I say I am ready for that to happen:).  An absolutely incredible experience thus far, but way more incredible people that I have missed!  

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