Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 48...To Pisa to pick up my visitor:)

This morning I caught the 8:56am train to Pisa to pick up Brooke!  It is about an hour and half train ride and a short cab ride to Galilei Airport.  Once I was here I was welcomed by some amazing sculptures.  There is magnificent art everywhere!!!  As I waited in such excitement to see a bestie, I cried because, I was so excited and happy to see someone I knew!!!!!!  We hugged as if it were years not months and then I whisked her away to paradise:)   After climbing the 130 stairs to the apartment we went for a nice meal and a great bottle of wine.  To the cafe for some great music and a grappa, then made out way up to the apartment.  Seafood here is REALLY iffy.  So Brooke unfortunately got the seafood bug that I got the first day I was here.  (which I originally thought was the water, then the flat beer but later pin pointed it as the mussels.)   That is the wonderful part of Riomaggiore, is that nothing is going anywhere, you can rest and recoup and then take the next day in stride.  

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