Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 45...good ol' fashion mom & bestie day

After an incredible evening with Moura and Tony (too much fun!!!)  We all went to La Spezia, they were taking a train to Portofino to continue there journey and mine more practical, internet.  We had a fulfilling lunch in the centre of La Spezia and then we parted ways.  I came back to Riomaggiore and set up my new wifi, which is AWESOME!!!!  I got to talk with my mom for almost and hour and my bestie too!  As much as this trip was crucial to do on my own, there is nothing better than seeing the faces you love.  It is amazing that technology can grant you that!  Its a necessity to have checks and balances to keep you grounded and going.  A fairly simple day, which is what Riomaggiore life is all about.  Friends, family and chatting!!!!!!!!

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