Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 68...high-light(er)s of my trip

Drawing was never my strong suit in the art world.  I actually hated it.  I didn't understand why you would render something to such realism, when you could just take a picture.  I would "sketch" out compositional lines for pieces, but never would I have sat down to draw what I see, until Riomaggiore.  I perched myself on the rocks and was immediately drawing.  I find that my own personal qualifications for drawing were unattainable, because that is not me.  I look for pattern, negative space and texture relationships, and I am now OK with that.  Now I draw everyday, from life, from a photograph what have you, but I use it to decipher the code of what I see, not to duplicate it.  The option that I had at the time for color, was high-lighters.  It turned out to be the partner-in-crime I needed:)

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