Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 47...painting, painting, painting

When I was packing for this trip, I found it hard to decide what to bring for supplies for painting.  Paint and brushes of course, but one thing I did not know is how I would paint.  I have had the luxury of painting for many years in a big studio, where I can lay out my 4'x4' canvas and get down and dirty.  Here space is minimal and you learn that bigger isn't always better.  Having a small space to create, makes you paint differently.  I am use to using my entire body to paint and now its my hand, my wrist and arm.  To stand at a table and execute the moment onto the paper is a refreshing way of implementation.  You adjust like anything in your life, you make it work.  I have been focusing my studies on the color red, today I experimented with 7 shades of red on yellows and blues.  How the red interact with their genetic color. What happens to that red?  Does it sing, does it get lost and why?   These little studies keep me fueled in my discovery of red in the world and how it works in our life.

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