Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 50...rainy day and reading love

Last night the thunder and lightening shook the studio, like we were in the storm cloud.  This morning a gray backdrop brightens the color of the houses, which lays the perfect backdrop to drink coffee and read.   Betty lent me a book  Love in the Time of Cholera by Garbiel Garcia Marquez, which I finished on this sweet, rainy day. This book, made me laugh, cry and want to continue the journey of this love story that now I am left sadden by the end of it.  Love is something that starts inside each of us, not brought on by others.  Encouraged by the openness of ones heart you will always find true happiness:)  From this Brooke and I are going to a wine tasting, that will surely fuel the fire that this book has left me! HA!

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