Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 57...going with the flow

Originally at this time I was to be at an artist residency in Messina, Sicily, due to a gut feeling and some shifty emails, I felt it better to cancel that residency.  So in turn I am at hotel for 5 days and then an apartment in Pisa.  Not in the itinerary, but it works!  I like to call the hotel time, my vacation from my trip, which is not ideal but better than being homeless!  A beautiful view of the sunset and a magnificent breakfast, proves to be better than I thought.  Going with the flow.  Catching up on reading, drawing and organizing school material.  I have not watched TV at all since I have been in Europe, which isn't unusual for me, but I did find Law & Order in Italian and I didn't even care!  I watched two episodes, and had no problem following along, because of course I had already seen them! It was a nice little taste of home.  Looking forward to a little down time and organizing the next month and a half:)

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