Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 62...RED in Pisa

Last night there was an Italian wedding at the hotel I am staying at.  The next day as I looked down from my balcony, the after party was still there, just no people.  It created a great design with the red and gray checkered patio and the silver chairs, the random wine bottles and wine glasses.  It was a beautiful day so I went for a walk around town.  I found some wonderful examples of red in Pisa.  It is part of my documentation process to photograph as much red as I can where I am.  This set of images seemed more urban and contemporary compared to others.  I also am working on finding pigments to work with that are red in the area.  I have finally got a beautiful magenta color and found some pine cone fragments that will make a beautiful red ochre color.  EXCITING!!!!

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