Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 73...makin' a plan Stan

I woke up today determined to make every minute count in this last part of my journey. First on the list, home. Did laundry, which I love because you have to hang it out to dry. Nothing smells better than sunshine dried laundry:).  Unpacked and out clothes away like a real person and not just in my suitcase. Got the studio set up and went to the grocery.  Tootled around to venture my new town.  MAGICAL! Campagnatico is a medieval village that really hasn't change since then. It sits high on a hillside and overlooks the beautiful Tuscan hills!   Came back to the apartment made dinner and made a plan. What I do best, to-do lists and then organizing them:). When it all comes down to it in the end I will have 100 days even of my adventure.  How perfect could that be?!?!  Plan is starts and now it's day by day!

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