Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 97...black/orange and soon red/green

With Halloween fast approaching, I can not help but wonder why black and orange?  Why do we have a color coding systems for holidays?  Through my research of red, I found why we color code Christmas red and green.  Red comes from the holly berries that represent the blood of Christ and the apples on the Paradise Tree, which was usually a pine tree (christmas tree) were also red. Even Saint Nicholas' robe was red, as were most bishops and saints.  These sacred symbolisms were the root of a belief that has been carried on for centuries.  Literacy not being available to anyone really, they would perform the stories of the bible. With those stories stood the holly berries hanging proudly and the apples hanging with care on the tree.  The greens were heartedly exchanged in symbolism of the spring that awaits.  Over the years it has become the holiday we know it today, all cultures adding a little something over time.  So this holiday season, remind yourself that the wreaths, decorations and tree that you put up are the essentials in symbolism in story telling and that spring is right around the corner:)

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