Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 92...setting suns

Since I have been in Campagnatico, I have daily seen the most unbelievable sunsets.  There is a clean, crispness to the light as it transitions into night.  The clouds create another layer of color that reflects the lighting of the day.  It is a moment each day that I am usually painting and always seem to be drawn to the window to see it in all of its glory!  I know that I have posted before about how artists come to Tuscany, how the Venetian painters were known for their color, but it resonates so much more clearly when you witness it every day.  The time in Campagnatico has been a time, of solitary, creativity and understanding whole-heartedly what I have experienced and where I want to go.  There isn't crazy clubs, but there is very GOOD wine, or restaurants.  That life is a 45 minute bus ride away.  It is a calm, sweet and humble community that allows for the majestic backdrop nightly to keep tourists here. (which right now, I am certain to be the only one.)  Daily I see the hills roll into the horizon, daily I see bright blue sky, daily I see the sunsets.  For myself that is all I need.  Its been challenging not being able to execute a conversation in its depth as I am use to, but all you need to be able to do, is express your gratitude for the amazing scene you witness daily.  

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