Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 94...Rosso vino

As being in Italy AND for being in the wine industry for so long, you think that I would be indulging on magnificent red wine all the time.  Really since I have been in Campagnatico, heart of wine country I have had three bottles.  All very good and local to the surrounding communities, but tonights Cab/Sangiovese was the premiere!  Absolutely phenomenal.  It was perfect with a few chunks of dark chocolate that I nibble on nightly for dessert.  There are a lot of vineyards but not too many wineries in this area.  Although harvest happened this past month, I have not seen too much action for it.  I see machinery on the hillsides, and apparently there was Wine Fest, but I never saw anything anywhere for it.  I think I have painted with more wine than I have drank, shows where my priorities have been:)

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