Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 77...DREAM BIG!!!

As I was walking around Campagnatico I cam across a edificio (building) for sale!  I had been by this building numerous times, but this specific time, I stopped and immediately saw a studio!  Its floor to ceiling windows and lot adjacent would be perfect to host an artist residency.  I have always had a dream to have a residency, where artists of all kinds from all over the world could come and create together.  This location just happens to be in Italy, with one of the most amazing views EVER!  I snooped a bit and peeked inside to see what the inside looked like, simply perfect.  From that moment on, I could not stop thinking about it!  I found myself waiting for the bus, sketching the building, writing down crucial information and starting the works of a business plan.  Sometimes the biggest, surreal  dreams, can come true!  I will keep dreaming of this perfect little studio and all of the potential it could give artists and the community:)  Welcome to my dream,  Rossa Residency.

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