Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 76...A little bit of Campagnatico

Campagnatico is a medieval town of around 2,000 people that sits on the top of a hill in Tuscany.  It is incredible to not only see this history daily, but to live in it!  I FINALLY got my camera out and of course it died after a few pictures, but this gives an idea of how this beautiful town is set up.  I sat on the hillside overlooking the valley and read for a few hours and then meandered back to my apartment.  It was wonderful to follow the sheep herd themselves through the pastures and see the perfect lines of the olive trees and vineyards.  It is really like time has stood still here, but in a way that preserves the theory, "if its not broke, don't fix it".  Things still work in the simple way they did centuries ago, and it works even today in a world ran by technology and instant gratification.  It really makes you think about your lifestyle and how complicated we make everything, when in actuality it is not at all.  

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