Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 93... Treausue Island and Pride & Prejudice

I have officially read all the reading material I have.  I did have two books on my Kindle app on my computer that I have not read.  Treasure Island & Pride Prejudice, both in which I have not read yet.  In three days I finished both.  Such classics that I had never had read, and now that I have I am gonna read them again!  Not just because I have nothing else to read, but because they were so good! On the edge of my bed constantly wondering if they will find the treasure?  Is Long John Silver really going to be a good guy, I think it's a ploy!  Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, can't believe it!!!!  Mrs. Bennett would be an awful mother!  Ha!  I am thankful that these are the two books that I got to indulge in on these windy, cold days in Italy:)

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