Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 74...seamless colors

This morning I got up and painted till I was hungry, then I painted again!  The most amazing part of the day is between 2-5, the sun is high and it's a perfect 72 degrees. I went to the park today and drew for a while.  A wonderful woman was walking the 'track' around the park and stopped to chat about the drawing of the church. Bella she said and I said grazie!!  Then we struggled to discuss where I was staying and how long I was here for, but we did it, we waved and graciously said ciao, buenasara to one another as we left:).  Went home to make dinner and paint more.  The sunset was one of the most riveting light shows I had ever seen. Seamless color gradation with a palate you truly only see in masterpieces. I get it, this is where all those artists nestled into to find the beauty and colors in which revolutionized painting forever. What an amazing insight and I felt honored to be a part of it:)

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