Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 78...and the countdown begins

There is that point in your travels where your countdown for your return home begins, today is that day.  Three weeks from today I will be packing up all my stuff, getting a bus to Florence, flying to London and then to Chicago, I will be home.  But the question is, then what?  You are in such a bubble of creativity, with no real responsibility except to stay alive and get from point A to point B as you travel that the astonishing sense of duty will automatically take over as you land home, and back to the grind you go.   I have a situation that I will still be a nomad until the beginning of the year, and then I create a new home in Denver, which I am excited for!  With this continued lifestyle I am hoping to continue the bubble to a certain degree.  I am entirely ok with responsibility but to have forego my all day creative practice is going to be certainly difficult.  What a true blessing to be able to have had that for so long, and my new goal and dream for my returning life in America is to maintain that.  My last post was about dreaming big, I am dreamer, a romantic and because of that I am here now, and because of that very same reason I will be able to make this dream come true too.  It will work out to be able to immerse myself into a NEW kind of creative schedule that will naturally come next after this intense experience, I just know it,
 because everything happens for a reason!

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