Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 79...a day with Robert Hughes

Today was rainy and cloudy in Campagnatico, and really I didn't feel that well either, so I watched documentaries all day and ate cookies:). I watched a documentary by art critic Robert Hughes titled Mona Lisa's Curse.  A wonderfully, sad realization of art as an icon in the market versus a genuine legacy of craftsmanship and story by an artist. He interviews collectors who monopolize the market and artists who were in the end screwed.  It brings up important ethical questions of creating.  Who should create the market? Why so expensive? And really, is it about the money?  I have painted for commissions, sold paintings in galleries etc. and nothing compares to someone seeing something you've created and instantly being in love.  I always say paintings are like my children, you want them to have the best future with a loving home of their own. I love getting pictures of paintings I have sold in their new homes, they radiate happiness!!!  If I didn't need to pay for supplies and wasnt actually trying to make this passion a full time job, I would give them all away to people who would be so incredibly grateful to have them:). That would use them as a reminder of what color does for our soul.  It saddens me that artist these days has to paint for the market, the world is big. There is a loving home for each of our paintings I am certain of it!  I know my romantic views of what should be are oozing out of this, but it is crazy to see people with no intent on having a connection to a piece of work and buy it from the artist and then sell it and make millions of dollars of profit, while that artist receives nothing for creating his profit, not even a high-five:(. So to all the people out there that buy art, buy because you love, because you can't get the image out of your head, not to make a quick buck, that is sad.  Sad for us all and is ruining the future of our creativity.  

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